Location: Cambodia

Students´Movement for Democracy (SMD) is a non-political and most active youth organization in Cambodia. It was established in 1998 after the unfair and unjust election result released manipulated by the CPP.

Monday, December 26, 2005

About SMD

SMD is a non-political and most proactive democratic youth organization in Cambodia. Please click Here

SMD Partners and Membership
As an active student organization in the country, SMD has nationally cooperated with Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), Youth Caouncil of Cambodia (YCC), Cambodian Watchdog Council (CWC), and internationally with Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA). With this, SMD has played an important role in Cambodia in promoting democratic process, striving for better social and economic justice, enfocing immigration laws and protecting territorial integrity.

Besides conducting its permanent training programs to students, SMD always idealy ecourages students from all universities and high schools to protect their territorial ntegrity by conducting direct border visit to the provinces along the border with Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. Farthermore, SMD also takes a lead in striving for social and economic justice for the Cambodians as whole. Bellow are brief report of SMD activities that impact the social and political situation in the Cambodia.


September 02, 1998

Student's Movement for democracy was set up by students from all universities, and some high schools in Phnom Penh, monks from most pagodas in Phnom Penh. Then, students and monks gathered, supported and participated by people, to hold a demonstration against the 98 national election result observing that it was fraud and unacceptable. In the early morning, we rallied in front of the Royal Palace. Immediately, we were marching to embassies and other relevant institutions in order to express our concerns and demands. However, the peaceful march was dispersed by Hun Sen’s Forces. They arrested many students, monks, and people participating in the mass demonstration. Furthermore, many students, monks, and people were injured and killed Hun Sen’s forces. On September 16, 199, having experienced a brutally cracked down by the government forces on protesters, we failed to get a chance to stage a demonstration, so we decided to give up our protests. At that time, we wrote several public petitions and statements, released by newspaper, National and International Radio. Meanwhile, we established a committee to search for the victims and the families of those who died during the demonstration. We also made efforts to seek for charity donations to help the families of the dead and injured; and we shared our emotional feelings with them.

October15, 1998
The government declared its intention to arrest the movement leaders (SMD). Then we forcibly decided to flee to Thailand.

December 17-18, 1998
We celebrated a 100- day ceremony to dedicate merits to those who died during the demonstration, in two different places, Phnom Penh (Wat Botum) and Bangkok.

January 5, 1999
After returning from Bangkok, we reorganized and bolstered up our movement in which an executive committee was set up with 30 members including 10 monks; and 150 activists from various Faculties and Universities throughout Phnom Penh. Meanwhile, we enhanced and enforced solidarity to disseminate knowledge of human rights, freedom and democracy, etc., among Cambodian youths.

February 12-20, 1999
The Students’ Movement for Democracy cried out for Khmer Rouge Leaders’ trail by International Tribunal to find real justice for Khmer citizens who killed during its regime. We strongly think that “If the Khmer Rough was forgotten; it is not only unfair for those who died, but also an encouragement for the new criminal to recommit the crime”. Yet, we planned to hold a demonstration at Olympic Stadium, but the authority banned and warned us to use riot forces to crack us down. So we only held a Press Conference at Wat Neakkawan.

June 08, 1999
We organized a demonstration to refuse the arrival of Vietnam Communist Party Secretary General Le Kha Phiev by demanding that Vietnam and other neighbor countries respect Khmer Territorial Integrity. At that time, authorities threatened our activists at Faculties, railed and surrounded headquarter, and blocked off streets to prevent marching. However, we still could hold demonstration without being afraid of the threat of authorities.

July 5, 1999
Five student representatives from the Faculty of Law and Economic, Institute of Technology, Royal University of Fine Arts, Royal University of Phnom Penh, and Royal University of Agriculture wrote a petition to the National Assembly asking the government to commence on border negotiation process.

July 20, 1999
We held a demonstration with the aim of asking neighbors countries to respect Khmer territory. At that time, we marched to Thai Embassy and they agreed to meet and discussed about Cambodian border encroachments with Thai officials. The authorities put a regulation by using police and military police to deploy at every faculty.

July 23, 1999
We requested the International Republican Institute (I R I) for democratic training for 10 student activists and it was approved.

July 24, 1999
We issued a statement to Thai Embassy in Cambodia responding to the report of the Thai newspaper called the Nation which had said that Thai government accused Khmer students of demanding Sorin Province back.

July 31, 1999
As we wanted to know about the government's real stance in solving the border conflicts, we met Prime Minister HUN SEN at the Cabinet Ministers for his explanation and asking questions and raising some requests involving in neighboring countries’ encroachment.

August 19, 1999
The border negotiation results were not acceptable, particularly; we obtained a secret agreement between the Border Commission of Cambodia and Vietnam in using the Treaties of 1982-83-85 as a basis for negotiation. So we managed a Press Conference at ITC to deny the Treaties.

August 21, 1999
We met Mr. VA KIMHONG, the Border Deputes Commission Chief, to call on the government to cancel treaties between Cambodia and Vietnam regarding to border issues signed in 1982, 1983, and 1985 because Cambodia has lost about 30,000 square Km of sea area and thousands Km of land.

August 26, 1999
We met Prince Norodom Ranariddh, President of National Assembly, aiming to find out the position of the parliamentary around border problems asking the National Assembly to nullify the illegal treaties, 1982, 1983, and 1985, and demanding National Assembly to call the government for explanation the aforesaid issues.

September 7, 1999
We railed at WAT BOTOM to manage the one year- commemoration after student - protesters that had erupted against the National Election in 1998 against the Election Result, we were successful despite banning by authority.

October 29, 1999
We cooperated with local Tourism Enterprise and Travel Agents, held a seminar at Royal Phnom Penh Hotel on “Developing Tourism for Alleviation of Poverty”. The seminar emphasized the impact of Bangkok-Seim Riep direct flights on Angkor Wat Temple and Cambodian Economy.

During December, 1999
SMD held a meeting by collecting the students from all Faculties and Universities in order to spread out Democracy and Ideologies in order to motivate students to understand their most important duty in promoting democracy and developing the country. Meanwhile, authority's spies had threatened to cancel and immediately pressured professors to restrain us.

January 13, 2000
We held a meeting by collecting the students from each faculty to express our concern about territory, and we expressed our will through holding a demonstration and sharply demanding the government to abolish immediately the 1982, 83 and 85 border treaties.

January 22, 2000
Sixty members of SMD were admitted into the Royal Palace by his Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk to have an audience with him discussing about border issues with the government top officials, Mr. Va Kimhong and Mr. Long Visalo, in front of him and his wife. During that hearing, we (students) raised a lot of questions involved with the border issues to government representatives. We still had a strong opposition against the 1982, 1983, and 1985 treaties. After the four- hour meeting, the King told the students that, he did supported SMD and the government also promised not to let Khmer Land be lost after negotiation.

February 18, 2000
SMD held a demonstration against the High Assembly Vietnamese Delegate demanding Vietnam respect the Paris Peace Accord, Khmer territorial integrity; Vietnam must stop invading Cambodia territorial integrity.

March 07, 2000
We organized a party to welcome the Women’s Rights day (8th march), to motivate the activists along with women to be brave enough for developing our country with the democratic principles.

On March 27, 2000
SMD including Monks and Citizens around WAT CHAK ANGRE LER demonstrated to dismiss out illegal Vietnam immigrants who had illegally located in WAT CHAK ANGRE LER. The demonstration angered by illegal Youn beat and snapped monks and they established brothels in Wat compound. The demonstration succeeded. Now no more illegal Youn are living in the Wat.

April 20-21, 2000
Mr. Saro Sivutha, SMD, gathered 150 important persons from USA, Canada, and Europe to hold a World Convention on "Khmer Territorial Integrity" which was held in Washington D.C.USA.

May 2000
SMD conducted a ceremony to seek financial supports for building a Monument installing a symbol of the king of Monks, Samdech CHUN NATH, based in WAT CHAK ENGRELEU.

May 30, 2000
A new office was made up. With this, three bureaus as well as five committees were also set up.

14 June 2000
We staged a demonstration to demand Thai Prime Minister Chaun Lek Pay to stop violating Cambodian territorial integrity by armed forces along Thai- Cambodian border. During the period of time, some SMD's activists were injured because of Cambodian Authority's ordering sniffing glue gangsters to brutally crackdown on us. The government's violent treatment to SMD’s activists has been condemned by the national and international communities.Yet, on 16 June 2000, we conducted a press conference in our office to reveal backers including H.E Sok An, Council Minister, and Mol Reup, Commander of Military Intelligence, who had ordered those gangsters. Especially, we have considered the Government as having had implemented indirect suppression of democracy by gangsters.

June 27, 2000
We invited Mr. Tim Johnson, Project Manager of International Republic Institution in Cambodia, to visit our new office in order to discuss about Mr.Saro Sivutha's trip to USA and interchange our view on democratic process in Cambodia.

July 11, 2000
We cooperated with other civil societies in conducting a public meeting to appeal to parliamentarians to change a communal election system from a Proportional to a Personal System. Meanwhile, we were among twelve delegations that were permitted by Prince Norodom Ranarith, President of National Assembly, to discuss these issues.

July 22-23, 2000
We held a training course on Communal Election to advocate its interests. Mr.Sok Samouen , Executive Director of International Human Rights Law Groups of Cambodia Project, was invited to speech attended by 30 student leaders from faculties around Phnom Penh.

July 30, 2000
We organized a press conference on border issues. We demanded that the government eliminate the Khmer-Vietnam treaties signed during Vietnamese occupation.Human Rights CooperationStudents' Movement for Democracy has shared efforts to conduct National Organization of Human Rights led by H.E Kem Sokha, Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights and Reception of Complaints of the Senate. SMD has played its main role in the Educational Office.After having played a main role in promoting the democracy process as well as Human Rights Respect, and also as agent of change for better, we assume that:. We have more impacts on supreme national institutions. Our voice of demanding on Cambodian Territorial Integrity respect has changed national leaders' attitudes. Actually, the King insisted Samdech Chea Sim, President of Senate, Prince Norodom Ranarith, President of National Assembly, and Prime Minister Hun Sen, to reconsider the border issues. Then, the government has its commitment to consider the 1979,82,83,85 Cambodian-Vietnamese Treaties as illegal and invalids, etc.. We have been appreciated by Civil Societies and important persons in leading to cry out on the communal council election, and Human Rights promotion in Cambodia.By seeing that:- Kingdom of Cambodia has not yet had a National Organization of Youth.- Khmer Youth are in parts without gathering.We have been planning to set up a "National Youth Council of Cambodia (NYCC) ", aiming at:. Being a vital impetus and agent of change to enhance its objectives and mechanism toward real democracy and national reconstruction.. Focusing on roles, duties, obligations, and civil rights of the Khmer younger generation in a democratic manner.. Strengthening and propagating knowledge of human rights, public freedom, and democracy concepts as well as the understanding of Khmer's weak points and cultural degradation by brainstorming Khmer children at all strata so as to uplift human dignity and bring about justice and democracy for our poor country.To achieve this, we SMD have lobbied five associations including Khmer Student Association, Khmer Youth Association, Khmer Democratic Youth Association, Khmer Intelligent and Student Association, and Union Neutral Khmer Student.

July 22, 2000
We held a meeting at International Republican Institute (IRI) office participated by representatives of those five associations to share our opinions in creating the National Youth Council of Cambodia.

July26, 2000
We continued our meeting. As the result, we adopted an Internal Regulation for each NYCC's session.

August 5, 2000
One more session has been organized. We decided to hold a seminar on "Building Youth's Moral" which held on early September, 2000.

September 1, 2000
SMD with the five associations organized a seminar on "The Falling down of Youth's Morality".

October 7, 2000
We have decided to successfully name our team "Youth Council of Cambodia". Its Statute and Internal Regulation were adopted on October 21, 2000.

October 30, 2000
We held a press conference at SMD office expressing our stances on the arrival of Mr. JIANG ZEMIN, President of China.

During November &December, 2000
Mr.SARO Sivutha, President of SMD, went to Europe working on border issues with Cambodian Border Committee and Cambodian Communities there. He had also been to USA to be trained about Fund Raising in Washington DC.

November 24, 2000
SMD held a public forum on "The End of Khmer Territorial Integrity" at SUNWAY HOTEL which was attended by members of constitutional council, senate, assembly, and representatives of government. As result, we sent the resolution to the King to request him not to sign on any treaties of border issues.

January, 2001
SMD and other five Student Associations (YCC) held a seminar on “ Youth Leadership” participated by a representative of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and Khmer Institute for Democracy.

February 16, 2001
Students’ Movement for Democracy led a demonstration at the Faculty of Law and Economics in order to protest against corruption in Cambodia. During the rally, a student was injured on the head caused by pro- government gangsters.

March 02, 2001
Mr.SARO Sivutha went to USA to seek for financial support for the SMD new year’s budget. Meanwhile, SMD and Cambodian Community in Lowell, Massachusetts, held a presentation of Democracy Award for Mr. Paul C. Grove, formerly a regional director of Asia and Middle East at the International Republican Institute IRI, now is a staff director of Subcommittee on Foreign Operation, Senate Appropriation Committee, US Senate.

March 18, 2001
SMD led 600 students from different Universities to visit Sihanouk Ville and we camped there one night to share our concern on border invasions.

May 14, 2001
20 members of SMD went to visit people who are victims of border encroachment at Dong Commune, Svay Rieng province. They were starving for some help.

June 27, 2001
Having trusted in SMD, generous Cambodian people supported finances for SMD to deliver many tons of rice, 24 wells, and provided some vegetable crops and some chickens to the people who are victims by border encroachment at Dong Commune.

During July, 2001
We were preparing a Conference on Cambodian Border that was attended by interested people in Cambodia and those who are from different countries, such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, especially. Mr. Sean Pengse, from France. The delegations were permitted to meet the king on July 19. In contrast, the government banned the conference which we planed to hold on July 20 at Cambodiana Hotel.

August 4, 2001
SMD held Fund Raising Party to raise money for border visiting at Kampot Restaurant.

September 5, 2001
We offered Democratic Present Award to Kent M. Wiedemann, Ambassador of United States of America to Cambodia at US Embassy. Because The United Stated is the father of democracy and help to promote human rights and democracy in Cambodia.

September 15, 2001
Mr. Um Sam An, Secretary-General of SMD, delivered speech at Wat Bottumtei during a ceremony praying for the dead of American people attacked by terrorists in New York and Washington. Representatives of Constitutional Council, Senate, National Assembly, Government, Governor of Phnom Penh municipality, Canadian Ambassador to Cambodia and US Ambassador to Cambodia also delivered speech in the ceremony.

September 26, 2001
We held congress of SMD for discussing on what have been done, electing a new president and the steering committee for the next term and then raising action plan and work process at Russian Culture and Science Center. One hundred students, fifty monk activists and national and international guests presented in the congress. Mr. Um Sam An was elected as a new president of SMD in the congress.

November 14, 2001
SMD sent letters to 18 signatory countries of Paris Accord in 1991 asking them for intervention in Cambodian territorial integrity which violated by our neighboring countries.

November 26, 2001
SMD held a demonstration against Vietnamese encroachment into Cambodian land during Vietnamese President Tran Duc Luong’s arrival. We asked the King not to sign any border treaties in 1980s with Vietnamese President.

December 2, 2001
SMD launched a training program on “ Students’ Leadership in Democratic Society ” within 14 weeks at SMD office. Thirty five student trainees from various faculties and universities attended the program. This training program is sponsored by International Republican Institute (IRI).

March 8, 2002
SMD brought 120 students to visit Kep city and Bouk Kou Mountain on International Women’s Day. It was funded by King Norodom Sihanouk.

May 25, 2002
35 members of SMD were allowed to report about border encroachment to King Norodom Sihanouk at Royal Palace. We asked the King not to sign 1982-83 and 1985 treaties with Vietnam and the King agreed with us.

Aug 28, 2002
Um Sam An, SMD president, went to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and US for border mission and fund raising.

Mar 02, 2003
SMD held border conference at Lucky Star Hotel but was interrupted by police. Then we went to SMD office just held press conference on border issues.

May 12, 2003
Mr. Um Sam An resigned from SMD president and joined Sam Rainsy Party as parliamentarian candidate in Siem Reap constituency, then assigned Mr. Sar Longdeth as Acting President and Mr. Nouhem Prum Virak as Secretary General of SMD.

October 26, 2003
Mr. Nouhem Prum Virak, Secretary General of SMD joined the CALD seminar held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Form Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA).

March 8, 2004
SMD brought 150 students to visit Sihanouk Ville on International Women’s Day. It was funded by King Norodom Sihanouk.

June 01, 2004
SMD held a demonstration against the gasoline price and demand government to decrease gasoline tax price. There were 5 students caught by police.We are the Agent of Change!

July 11, 2004
SMD held its Extraordinary Congress to elect the new steering committee. Mr. Pang Sokheoun, who was the former second deputy secretary general of SMD in 2000, was elected as the President.2004Mr. Pang Sokheoun, after elected as the President of SMD for the new mandate, led some executive members to meet Mr. Kem Sokha for future cooperation in strengthening democratic process in Cambodia.

July 20, 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun, with some faculties’ leaders’ representatives, met Mr. Sok Sam Oeun, the Executive Director of Cambodian Defenders Project (CDP) for advice regarding to legal process in Cambodia and the cooperation between SMD and CDP.

July 25, 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun with some executive members met Mr. Yuk Chang, Director of Documentation Center of Cambodia (DCCam) for cooperation regarding to Khmer Rouge Trial.

2 August2004
SMD help a meeting to establish a “Students’ Council for Justice” to participate in Khmer rouge trial to show our duties as a new generation who indirectly suffered from the KR.Then the “Students Council for Justice” (SCJ) aiming to join trial of Khmer Rough leaders was establised. Mr. Pang Sokheoun was elected as the President of SCJ for the first mandate.

September, 2004
Mr. Nouhem Prumvireak, Secretary General of SMD, went to attend the Annual Conference of Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) in the Philippines. SMD is the permanent of YLDA.

September 11, 2004
SMD released a statement about gasoline to the government to reduce the prize of it for the economic betterment of the country by giving deadline to the government to solve the issue.

September 27, 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun was arrested with other six members by the Olympic policemen while he and members were distributing flyers appealing people for participation in strike against the high prize of gasoline. They were threatened by the authority and forced to signed many conditions but they were intervened on time by many Human Rights Organizations. This act was condemned strongly by the local as well as international human right orgs.

Setember 30, 2004
SMD held a strike against the high price of gasoline. Six members of SMD’s leaders and the President of Organization Khmer Intellectual for Democratic Association (OKIDA) were arrested by the Khan Chamkamorn policemen. During these time the policemen used violence on the peaceful strike which condemned by national and international institutions.7 October,

October 7, 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun was invited to be a speaker for the Public Forum held by Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) with three other distinguished speakers.

9 October 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun, Mr. Kan Sichanto, Executive Member of SMD, Mr. Khat Buntoeun, Representative of Development for Democratic Culture, Mr. Hour Sopheap, President of Hope For Peace, went to visit border in Phum Dong, Khum Dong receiving reports from people from Svay Rieng about Youn invasion. The trip made by motorcycles started from 6:00 AM and came back to arriving at PP at 10:30PM.
This rice field in the picture is located near the Six Houses which claimed by Youn. Besides this rice fields near the Six Houses, there are one Trapaing and two other rice fields arebeing ivaded. Actually, the Cambodian farmers were about to plant their rice already but YOUN banned them to withdaw claiming that now those rices fields belong to them.

October, 2004
Mr. Nuhem Prum Vireak and Mr. Ir Channa represented SMD to attend the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) Conference in Phnom Penh on “The Media in Electoral Campaign”. Click Here to see picture.

3 November, 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun went to Katmandu, Nepal, to attend the Annual General Assembly of YLDA and to attend the Asian Youth Conference held by Youth Initiative of Nepal.

7 November, 2004
SMD has started its training program for 13 weeks on Border Conflicts Resolution and Immigration Law along with other training programs. Trainees were selected from many universities and institutes around PP.

27 November 2004
Mr. Pang Sokheoun attended the General Assembly of Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association at World Vision Auditorium.

5 December 2004
Mr. Ir Channa with other five representative leaders from Asian University, Royal University of PP, and University of Agriculture went to visit border and illegal Youn in Dambe District, Kampongcham Province after receiving the report from students whose home town is in Dambe after his family visit.

6 December 2004
SMD held a strike at its office by laying some banners asking for political pressure on Cambodian from the Consultative Group Meeting (CG) in Phnom Penh. We demand the CG to pressure the Cambodian Govt on reform of Good Governance, Abolition of Corruption, Reduce Gasoline Price, Land Reform, Stop Deforestation, and Respect the Human Rights. We were first disturbed by the authority than we were threatened to stop. But we ignored their demand by using our freedom. Then at 12: 15 noon, our posters were torn out by 10 glue sniffing boys hired by the local authority. This activity was condemned strongly by human rights orgs.

27-30, December 2004
SMD held the annual meeting to report its accomplishments and weakness and set the new strategies for the coming year.Note: SMD had done many other delegations, statements, interviews with newspapers and radios related to Border Issues, Illegal Youn, Youth Unemployment, Corruption, and Gasoline High PriceLOVE ALL, RESPECT ALL, SERVE ALL, AND PROTECT ALL!

14 January 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun was elected as the President of Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC). YCC is the Youth Umbrella Org which is founded on 10 December 2001 by youth orgs, Students’ Movement for Democracy (SMD), Khmer Youth Association (KYA), Khmer Student Association (KSA), Khmer Democratic Youth Association (KDYA), The Cultural and Environmental Protection Association (CEPA), United Neutral Khmer Students (UNKS), and Democratic Development Culture (DDC). After he was officially elected Mr. Pang Sokheoun expressed his thanks to all org members and promised to strengthen YCC’s policy and vision for his mandate.

14 February 2005
Six delegates of SMD attended the anniversary of Khmer National Youth Movement (KNYM) of Sam Ransy Party at Billionaire Restaurant. During the party, all leaders of SMD had discussed many issues with the youth representatives of KNYM from the 24 provinces and cities.

19 February 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun with three other university activists of SMD went to RFA to give interview with RFA with Mss Kim Povsotan an Border Visit of SMD on 20 February 2005 to Phum Donrot, Phum Dong, Phum Trapaing Rusey, and Phum Sretanorng, Memot District, Kampong Cham.19 February 2005At 5:00 PM, Mr. Pang Sokheoun attended the Press Conference of CTSWF held in front of Himawari Hotel. However, the Press was banned by the authority stating that it was disturbing public order.

20 February 2005
SMD contucted a Border Visit to Phum Donrot, Phum Dong, Phum Trapaing Rusey, and Phum Sretanorng, Memot District, Kampong Cham. There 43 students accompanied by two congressmen, H.E. Mao Munivan and H.E. Khem Veasna. We started the trip at 5:00 AM arrived Phum Donrot 11:30 AM and then started the trip to Phum Sretanorng, 17 Kilometers long. Our trip was hindered by 17 Youn border soldiers. However, they could not obstruct our nationalist students, so we reached our destination at about 4:00Pm. We came back and arrived at PP at about 10:30PM. It was a remembered and successful border visit.

Before year 2000, the villagers in Phumdonrot were cultivating these vast of rice fields far beyond Wat - as you see in this picture is the wall of Wat Donrot, but now the new border is about 40m and other parts the border is at the wall of Wat adding to the look-like village overlooked. The people always complained before but after Var Kimhong and You Hokry went there to see the border, they were silenced because of personal security threat.

The Cambodians can't gaze their cattle beyond this stream or their cattle will be caught and fined or take away. In the Youn part, many palm trees were cut down after the lands were sucessfully invaded. Youn know that they can't keep the palm trees because palm trees are one of the Khmer indentities. You can see that picture above.

21 February 2005
SMD released a statement to media and press to inform the Press Conference of SMD on 23 February 2005 on the Result of Border Visit to K. Cham.

23 February 2005
Held a Press Conference at SMD’s Office on the Result of Border Visit to K at 9:00AM attended by many reporters. During the Press Conference, there were some policemen approached us and asked us what we were doing at the office. However, we refused to tell the truth but they still kept an eye on us.

25 February 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun with 20 members attended the Public Forum on “The Practice of Freedom of Assembly” held by CCHR at 9:30 AM. Speakers: Dr. Lao Monghai, Dr. Chhim Phalvearun, Mr. Ny Chakrya, and H.E. Kong Keam.

2 March 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun met the delegates representing Asian democrats Leagues at Sahakchipsereykamakor Kampujea at 3:00PM to discuss about the stripping immunity of opposition lawmakers. They condemned the government’s attitude to opposition.

2 March 2005
Released a statement on gasoline. We asked appealed to the government to reduce the price of gasoline and we also appealed to Mr. Keat Chhun, Minister of Finance to resign for his incompetence.

8 March 2005
SMD celebrated the international Women’s Day held at Chamkarchek Restuarant. There were 120 students with our honored guest Mss Mour Sokhour. She delivered a speech for about 15 minute. The program sponsored by the King, Sihakmuny and the program ended at about 5:00PM.10 March 2005Mr. Pang Sokheoun was invited to a speaker for Comfrel program on “Monthly Observation on Congressmen”.

11 March 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun attended the Meeting held at Cambodian Defender Projects (CDP) on the Agenda of Establishing the International Labor Day Committee participated by about 30 orgs and associations. At last we established the Cambodian Committee for Labor Right (CCLR).

19 March 2005
SMD received guests from Khmer Front Party KFP) at 10:30 AM to talk about SMD’s and KFP’s cooperation. SMD were glad to have more cooperation with orgs/ association but not with the political party.21 March 2005Mr. Pang Sokheoun had an informal meeting with Mr. Rong Chhun (President of CITA), Chea Muny (President of CFTW), Cham Chany (President of CFA), and Mr. Man Nat (President of CICA) to discuss about the Strengthening of Cambodian Watchdog Council (CWC). At last we agreed to move ahead and tied up cooperation in almost fields.

22 March 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun attended the meeting on CCLR’s Program for 1st May, Labor Day. We agreed to establish orgs and members responsible for the process of CCLR’s program.24 March 2005Mr. Pang Sokheoun and Mr. Se Ourn, Education Officer of YCC, were invited to be a speaker for Radio 99.5 FMz on “Youth and Unemployment” at 12:00 noon. The issues were raised there were:- The Reason of Unemployment- The Affect of Unemployment- The Appeal to Government and youth.

28 March 2005
The arrival of Nong Dek Magn, Secretary General of Vienamese Communist Party, in Phnom Penh. SMD conducted three different activities to welcome the visit of Youn high ranking delegate: (1) Strike at SMD Office, (2) Demonstration at Siemreap Province, and (3) The Border Visit to Krek district, Kampongcham.At SMD Office, PP, there were many anti-demonstration policemen blocked the west and the east streets to SMD Office. The banned not only all SMD’s members to come in and even to go out, but also reporters, human rights investigators, and congressmen. However, we were successful through their surrounding because:- They were condemned by International Human Rights Observers nationally and internationally.- We would still be able to hold strike and demonstration- We reported directly our result of Border Visit to media and press from the border and later on there was many national and international news released our activities and they supported us

This is Kbaldamrei Village, where Heng Samrin's family relatives live and Heng Samrin's villa is not too far from this house. This house is Heng Samrin's cousin's house. The new border is just 50m from his stairs while before it was 2km. It is also the same at Heng Samrin's villa - the border is almost reached his stairs. Yet, Heng Samrin keeps saying that his house is still his house. If Youn invades the lands, Youn might take his house already. Of course, the villagers said that if not Heng Samrin's villa here, the border might be deeper inside Cambodia. No one dares to say about this. They must make themselves deaf and blind but too much suffering inside.

A villiger who lost lands told the story that when Youn was taking his lands and other villigers' lands, they all complained with the villige chief, commune chief, and border policemen. Then the villagers were asked for their fingerpints so that they could present the case to the higher organization. Yet the result was difference. Actually, these people got the people fingerprints to have themselves promoted. Then Youn went on to complete the invasion and people were threatened to be silent by the former village and commune chief and policemen who just had promoted. It happened from 1996-1998. Phum Trapaingthlong.

Mr. Pang Sokheoun was leading ten SMD members with a congressman, H.E. Mao Munywan, accompanied by villagers from Phum Trapaing Kanseng and Phum Trapaingthlong, Khum Trapaingthlong, Srok Porgneakrek, K.Cham, to visit border as asked by the people. The visit made when Youn leader came to Cambodia. In Phnom Penh, Mr. Ir. Channa, Mr. Sorndara and SMD members were holding strike against this Youn visit and many policen were surrounding and dispersing the the students mobilization. Whereas in Siem Reap, Mr. Nouhem Prumvireak, SMD Secretary General, were distibuting flyers against the visits. And purposefully, we demanded VN to stop invade Cambodia and declared the invalidity of illegal treaties -1979, 1982, 1983 and 1985.

28 March 2005
The arrival of Nong Dek Magn, Secretary General of Vienamese Communist Party, in Phnom Penh. SMD conducted three different activities to welcome the visit of Youn high ranking delegate: (1) Strike at SMD Office, (2) Demonstration at Siemreap Province, and (3) The Border Visit to Krek district, Kampongcham. At SMD Office, PP, there were many anti-demonstration policemen blocked the west and the east streets to SMD Office. The banned not only all SMD’s members to come in and even to go out, but also reporters, human rights investigators, and congressmen. However, we were successful through their surrounding because:- They were condemned by International Human Rights Observers nationally and internationally.- We would still be able to hold strike and demonstration- We reported directly our result of Border Visit to media and press from the border and later on there was many national and international news released our activities and they supported us.31 March 2005Mr. Pang Sokheoun interviewed by Voice of Democracy from the border about border issues and the visit of Nong Dek Magn.

7 April 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun was invited to be a key speaker for Comfrel program on "Observing Congressmen's Monthly Activities" at 7:30 to 8:00AM.

9 April 2005
SMD attended the workshop held by F' pec on "Better Education for Developing Country" at its headquater chaired by H.E. Khol Pheng, Minister of Ministry of Youth and Education.

16 April 2005
Mr. Pang Sokheoun flight to Sweden with Mr. Mak Sarat to attend Re-Act Conference in Stocklhol, Sweden for two weeks and in Paris, France, for another week on Border issue.

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