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Students´Movement for Democracy (SMD) is a non-political and most active youth organization in Cambodia. It was established in 1998 after the unfair and unjust election result released manipulated by the CPP.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Mr. Panng Sokheoun resigned from his Presindencies of the two orgnizations- Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC) and Students´Movement for Democracy (SMD ...Read More ) on 1 March 2006 and upon his resignations, SMD immediately held its Extra-ordinary Congress to continue its mandate in the very critical situation towards its strength, unity, and democracy in order to achieve its vision for the students, youth, and the nation, while YCC is till under the leadership of its Acting-President.

The election held for the whole day of 5 March 2006, from 8:AM to 5:00PM, participated by 50 members. The election started after Mr. Chin Channa, the SMD founders and Mr. Sorn Sara, SMD Acting President, gave a welcome speech to the congress, and after Mr. Hing Soksan, Assistant Secretary General, reported SMD’s activities from 2004- 2005 like SMD’s Democracy, International Treaties, and Administration trainings, Border Visits, and International Mission of Mr. Pang Sokheoun, and SMD’s financial sheet. The election conducted in two steps: (1) the members to choose the Board President and Board Members and (2) the elected Board Members to choose the President of SMD. As the result, Mr. Im Sonith was elected as President of SMD Board Members and Mr. Mao Veasna was elected as President of SMD. Then, Mr. Mao Veasna appointed SMD Vice-President and Secretary. The Structure of SMD Leadership is organized as:

Board Members
Mr. Im Sonith – President of Board Member
Ok Army - Board Member
Mr. Taing Sarada - Board Member
Mr. Sor Longdet - Board Member
Mr. Hing Siksan - Board Member
Mr. Mr. Pech Pisey- Board Member
Mr. Sorn Dara - Board Member

Executive Memebers
Mr. Mao Veasna – President of SMD
Mr. Ken Sara – Vice-President
Mr. Sorn Sarath – Secretary General

At 4:30 PM, after SMD’s leadership was structured, Mr. Mao Veasna, before the closing program, expressed his thanks to SMD’s members that chose him to lead SMD and strongly determined that he would lead SMD towards good example, democracy, unity, territorial
integrity protection, to serve our students, youth, and nation and if he was incompetent he would immediately resign. At 4:55PM, Mr. Im Sonith, as the Board President, concluded the program, thanked members for hard working, sacrifice for the nation, and wished all SMD’s members as well as Cambodians to be at peace, prosperity, and happiness, and success. The program closing exactly at 5:00PM with success and respect.

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