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Students┬┤Movement for Democracy (SMD) is a non-political and most active youth organization in Cambodia. It was established in 1998 after the unfair and unjust election result released manipulated by the CPP.

Friday, September 08, 2006


On 7 September 2006, SMD held its 7th Aniversary to pay our respects to those who brutally killed by the Hun Sen regime during the anti-demonstration against the froud election results, 1998. There were 38 people killed who among them were students, monks, and peasants also and moreover there were 114 students, monks and other were badly injured by Hun Sen inhuman policenmen.

SMD always celebrates this Aniversary every year in order to remember the brutality of the dictated Govt under Hun Sen and to express our on-going policy and will to claim for our basic rights constitutionally without end and also to pay our gratitude to those who killed whose souls and sacrifices mean too much for the national interests and democracy.

We celabrated at the Office presided by Mr. Mao Veasna, SMD President, with the participation of SMD members, Mr. Rong Chhun, President of Cambodian Independent Teacher Association, and H.E. Keo Remy, the Lawmaker from SRP.

We offered rice to monks traditionally and then held flowers procession to the memorial park in front of Cambodiana Hotel.

May Buddha Bless Our Country and People!!!

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