Students' Movement for Democracy, Cambodia

Location: Cambodia

Students┬┤Movement for Democracy (SMD) is a non-political and most active youth organization in Cambodia. It was established in 1998 after the unfair and unjust election result released manipulated by the CPP.

Friday, January 06, 2006


From September to October, 2005, border issues became the target of discusion and concern for Cambodian people both internal and external when PM HUN Sen was preparing to sign the Supplemental Treaty to legalize the 1985 Illegal Treaty with Youn on October 10, 2005. This Suplemental Treaty will carateristically delimate the new border line between Cambodian and Youn which is contradict to the Existing Border Line recognized in 1966 by Youn and Cambodia.

SMD, as an activist on border invasion investigations since 1998, has released a Join Statement with Cambodian Watchdog Council (CWC) adding to its previous statements, petitions, and border invasion reports to King, NA , and Government, to condemn the signing of the Supplemental Treaty signed by PM Hun Sen for this treaty makes Cambodia loses 4oookm square and appeal the Cambodians to mourn for that loss of land.This Statement did hurt Hun Sen government. Then after returned from Youn, he declared to take all kinds of measures to crack down all those who criticize border issues. Eventually, the arrest warrants issued.

On October 11, police arrested Sonando, director of Beehive radio station, at his Kandal province home, on charges of defamation and incitement. The charges related to a September 20 interview Sonando conducted with Sean Pengse, head of the Washington-based Cambodia's Border Committee

Mr. Rong Chhun was arrested on 15 October 2005 while he was trying to enter into Thailand with Mr. Man Nath, Mr. Ear Chhana, and Mr. Chham Chhany. Then he was sent to PP and jailed.

Since Mr. Pang Sokheoun was under hiding, then, Mr. Ear Channa, Deputy Secretary General, signed the Statement for Mr. Pang Sokheoun and Mr. Sorn Dara, Acting President who was away, too. Therefore, he was under the arrest with three other signatures - Mr. Rong Chhun (President of Independent Teacher Association), Mr. Man Nath (President of Cambodian Independent Civil Servant Association), and Mr. Chea Muny (President of Free Trade and Union Workers of Kingdom of Cambodia).

Mr. Chea Muny was ahead in Irland before the arrest warrant issued for Conference reason. Mr. Ear Channa, Mr. Man Nath, and Mr. Rong Chhun including Mr. Chham Chhany (President of Cambodian Farmers' Association) who is also a member of CWC but he didn't sign the Satement , were fleeing to Thailand. Unfortunately, Mr. Rong Chhun was arrested by Hun Sen police and sent to PP and jailed in Pressar prison.

Now Mr. Ear Channa and Mr. Man Nath are still in Thailand since they are hindered by the Extradition Treaty between Cambodia and Thailand even though they are recognized by UNHCR in Bangkok.

"LET'S US MOURN FOR THE LOSS OF OUR LANDS AFFECTED BY HUN SEN'S SIGNATURE ON ILLEGAL TREATES - 1979, 1982, 1983, 1985 and the newly signed Supplemental Treaty 2005"


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